Essential Oils

Health Benefits of Lavender

Frankincense essential oil health benefits

Marjoram essential oil health benefits

Sage essential oil health benefits

Grapefruit essential oil health benefits

Why is The Healthy RD passionate about essential oils?

After 20 years in healthcare, I realize more needs to be done.  Essential oils are super potent and safe ways to address our health. We are simply patching health problems with most prescription drugs and not getting to the ROOT of illnesses. We can do more with essential oils. I personally use essential oils as support for:



Hormone balance

Immune support

Natural cleaning

Deterring Pests



Enhancing mood

Improving energy

Improving focus



Cilantro oil benefits

Peppermint essential oil health benefits

Ginger Health Benefits


Essential oils are CONCENTRATED and natural ways to help manage many health conditions.

Can you replace medicines with essential oils?  Read the links on all the photos on this page find out. Don’t settle for retail essential oils! They often are synthetic and full of solvents that are harmful.

DoTERRA is tested for purity, quality, and is harvested in a sustainable way.


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